How to play

To play a Link scenario, you must first download the scenario of your choice here.

Once the scenario has been downloaded and ready to be used, you must first go to the starting point. The starting point can be checked on the scenario page or directly on the app by selecting an activated scenario that you own.

If you are not in the right place, it is possible to see the starting location by tapping on See the starting place.

When you will be at the starting point, it will be possible to start the scenario by pressing Go !!!


The cutscenes scrolls by sliding to the left.

Remove the screensaver from your device to keep it on at all times.

Turn up your volume to make sure you don’t miss any notifications.

As activities take place outdoors, it is important to have good visibility of your device.

Link uses a notification system to notify you when an event occurs.

Some features may not work if the cellular device is on standby.

All the events are virtual, you don’t have to interact with real objects to complete the scenarios.

The scenarios take place exclusively in public places.

When you participate in a Link scenario, you are responsible for your safety.

Link is designed for walking, so you don’t have to use any means of transport.

You can ask for clues or the solution to a problem at any time.

Au court de l’aventure, vous allez récupérer des objets virtuels qui seront placés dans votre inventaire.


Link’s interface is very easy to use.

In the margin above the screen, there are several symbols that will be useful during the scenario.

First, the arrow designates the map and the cutscenes, when this is selected, you have access to your adventure.

Then, the stopwatch tells you how much time you have spent in your scenario since the start of the adventure.

L’icone dans le bas de l’écran permêt de recentrer la carte sur votre position.

The suitcase designates your inventory. When the icon is selected, you have access to the items you have collected in your adventure.

Les items peuvent être sélectionnés pour avoir accès à de l’information supplémentaire.

Additional information will be displayed with the selected image.

The magnifying glass allows you to ask for a clue or a solution. It is possible to request a clue at any time during the adventure.

It is possible to ask for a certain number of clues per puzzle, if the clues are insufficient, it is always possible to ask for the solution.

After requesting a hint, an image will appear with the hint.

Finally, the gear allows you to change the language and exit your scenario.

The course.

Link adventure takes place outdoors, the scenarios offer you a parkour between 1.5km and 2km.

During the course you will have to go to GPS locations, which will trigger events.

L’évènement peut être une animation ou une énigme. Dans le cas d’une animation, elle peut nous donner une indice vers où aller, nous donner un objet ou offrir d’autres informations importantes au scénario.

To advance the animation, just scroll to the left to continue the text.
When the hook appears, it means that the animation is finished. When you have understood everything, continue the adventure by pressing the hook.

The puzzle is another type of event that can occur during your adventure, there are three types of puzzles.

The first is a riddle of direction. It allows you to know the right direction in which to continue.

The second is a padlock

Just enter the right combination and press the padlock to complete the puzzle.

The last one is a choice-answer question. If the answer is correct, play continues, but if the answer is wrong it may result in a time penalty.

When you have completed the scenario, your remaining time will be displayed. You can then share your experience on our Facebook page.

entertainment for everyone.

The LINK Adventure Games app is the new way to have fun outdoors with family and possibly friends. Each scenario is different and the journeys are made on foot. It is designed to enhance city parks and pedestrian zones as well as to promote active travel in the safest areas.

We are keen to showcase businesses and pedestrian shopping areas. This is why we are going to assess in each city the possibility of networking with local businesses and different scenarios.