01 - Obtain an adventure

01 – Choose the city where you are going to play your scenario

02 – Choose the adventure

You can filter scenarios by age group

03 – Choose the date and time where you plan to do your scenario*. click on command to continue

You will then have to complete the transaction to receive your activation code.

04 – When the transaction is complete, you will receive your order confirmation by email as well as a 12-digit activation number that you can share with four other people.

02 - Activate your adventure

To install the app:

01 – Open the application. Once open, tap on Activate my scenario.

02 – Enter your 12-digit activation code and click on the green cloud to activate the scenario on your application.

03 - Start the adventure

01 – Return to the main menu and tap on My scenarios.

02 – Choose one of your activated scenarios and select it by tapping on the green rocket. Make sure you are in the starting area to start the adventure.

entertainment for everyone.

The LINK Adventure Games app is the new way to have fun outdoors with family and possibly friends. Each scenario is different and the journeys are made on foot. It is designed to enhance city parks and pedestrian zones as well as to promote active travel in the safest areas.

We are keen to showcase businesses and pedestrian shopping areas. This is why we are going to assess in each city the possibility of networking with local businesses and different scenarios.